JAY GROUP established on 2nd September 1982, in Bangalore, India, has experienced significant growth in networking with our clients spread at large not only in India, but across the globe. Our efficiency in business has set benchmarks for our competitors on the lines of quality and finesse. We offer and deal in premium quality Spray Guns (also known as Spot Guns / Stain Cleaning Guns / Petrol Guns / Water Guns / etc.) to give our customer's excellent services and true value for money.

Spray Gun

Textile Cleaning & Multi Utility Cleaning Gun

Our Textile & Multi-Utility Cleaning Spray Guns, also commonly known as Spot Cleaning Guns, have been devoleped for easy removal of dirt, oil stains and other stains from textile fabrics and garments, mainly at the manufacturing stage. Solvents are sprayed at with high pressure and velocity at the dirt spots, helping to shoot the dirt out from the fabric, thereby, removing the stains without damaging the fabric. The spray velocity can be adjusted by the user, making it highly versatile in usage, as different fabrics require different level of pressure to enable them to be cleaned without any damage.The spray gun works with electricity and consume negligible power. It is also used in other industries, for example, cleaning of hair-wig bases, cleaning of rollers in the printing industry, cleaning of machine parts which are normally very difficult to be accessed by hand.
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